How to save carbon and cash with wind power

Wind turbines do not suit all locations but many businesses have sites that are fantastic for capturing the power of the wind to make electricity and this can result in huge savings in electricity bills.

We installed a 6 kilowatt Proven wind turbine 6 years ago and it produces about 14,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Electricity costs about 13p per kilowatt hour to buy plus, for new turbine installations (turbines between 1.5 and15 kw), you receive 29.3p per kilowatt hour (index-linked) as part of the governments Feed-in-Tariff renewable energy incentive scheme (from October 1st 2012 this will fall to 21p per kwh). The total annual value of a 6 kilowatt turbine installed on a site as good as ours is therefore in the region of £5-6,000.

These turbines cost around £30-40,000 to install. Payback should therefore occur in around 6-8 years depending on factors such as maintenance costs and changes in electricity prices. The Feed-in-Tariff scheme lasts for 20 years which provides investment security. See the link below for more information about feed in tariffs.

The success of our first turbine has inspired us to put up another one in November 2011, a 10 kilowatt machine. These, together with our solar panels, should make us energy neutral and hopefully will give us an income from electricity instead of a cost.

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