Alongside their annual top quality performance of Handel’s oratorio ‘Messiah, the Sheffield Bach Society also organises an annual performance of the work in which anyone can take part as a member of the chorus. Various locations for this have been used over the years including the Leadmill but recently Dore Parish Church has become its home and it was there that this year’s event was held last night.

It is an unmissable occasion for me. From the first notes of the overture I become overwhelmed by the beauty of the music and the wonderful feeling of joining with others to re-create Handel’s vision, completed within a month in 1741.

Last night I was once again inspired by Handel’s messages of hope against the inevitable backdrop of disturbing national and international events, and I am so grateful for the skills that enabled me to participate in the performance and for the opportunity to share the experience with so many other musicians and singers. Particular thanks to Simon Lindley for his exhilarating organ solos and accompaniment.



Skills = fun, participation, respect for others,




Whether you take a sacred or secular message from Handel

Keeping chocolate perfectly.

The system was perfect. A cool cellar kept our distinctive home-produced chocolates in fine condition.

Then, new technology for one of our wind turbines was installed in the cellar and it generated heat. Too much heat for the chocolates!

Our chocolates are one of the most popular elements of days spent at Green Directions for our clients. We make them with fresh cream and no preservatives to maximise the quality of the taste. Ingredients such as beer, liqueurs, fresh fruit, chilli and fresh herbs create delicious and unusual flavours.

The solution to the storage problem was to invest in a wine cooler. Fantastic. I can set it to the optimum temperature to ensure that our chocolates are always in perfect condition